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Pennyfoot Hotel Mysteries

If you're a fan of "Downton Abbey," you'll love the Pennyfoot Hotel series. The Pennyfoot hides many secrets and its downstairs staff keeps a tight lip, even when the Edwardian aristocrats are spotted dallying with damsels in the boudoirs, or gambling in the forbidden card rooms hidden below the floorboards. Should now and then one of the hotel guests fall prey to a dastardly murderer, however, it is up to Cecily Sinclair to restore order before Scotland Yard steps in and shuts down her infamous seaside hotel.

The last ten books are Christmas editions, and all twenty-one books in the series can be found as ebooks on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  If you like a spot of romance and a dash of humor in your mysteries, then these stories will be your cup of tea!

Room with a Clue

Do Not Disturb

Service for Two

Eat, Drink, and Be Buried

Check-Out Time

Grounds for Murder

Pay the Piper

Chivalry is Dead

Ring for Tomb Service

Death with Reservations

Dying Room Only

Maid to Murder

No Clue at the Inn

Slay Bells

Shrouds of Holly

Ringing in Murder

Decked with Folly

Mistletoe and Mayhem

Herald of Death

The Clue is in the Pudding

Mulled Murder

A Merry Murder

Manor House Mysteries

Enthralling mystery, lots of laughter and a little bit of romance – that’s village life in wartime England….

Left with only a muddle-headed butler, a bossy cook/housekeeper and a couple of energetic maids, Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton has enough problems on her hands. Not only is she struggling to upkeep the sprawling Manor House and vast acres she inherited, she must also take care of her numerous tenants, while coping with the inconveniences and sacrifices of wartime England. Fortunately Sitting Marsh is far removed from the bombing going on in London and other cities. That doesn’t mean that peace prevails in the tiny village. There’s the handsome American major who takes over the Manor House for officers’ quarters, and the group of belligerent housewives determined to take on the German invaders, not to mention a murder or two…

Lovers of Agatha Christie’s books will find much to enjoy in this tale of intrigue and laughter in an English village, and Emily Brightwell fans will fall in love with the offbeat characters of Sitting Marsh. 

A Bicycle Built for Murder

Death is in the Air

For Whom Death Tolls

Dig Deep for Murder

Paint by Murder

Berried Alive

Fire When Ready

Wedding Rows

An Unmentionable Murder

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